Gloucestershire Old Spots


Why GOS?

Gloucestershire Old Spots are personable, docile, and easy to work with. Our boars are gentle enough to share the same pen with a sow during farrowing and help raise her young pigs. GOS are friendly with people, enjoying a scratch or the simple company of his or her caretaker. We find the GOS a joy to raise.

GOS pigs are also a hardy pig, suitable for our tough Northeast weather. They are a perfect pig for pasture based rearing systems. 

Of course, we also love their meat! Pork is excellently flavored with nice marbling. Ask us for a sample!

What do we feed our pigs?

We feed our pigs grain grown from local farms. It is made by Hoosac Valley Farmers' Exchange in Schaghticoke, NY. We supply a small, 1 gallon bag of feed to help transition pigs onto the food they will be eating at their new home. GOS pigs love grass, and we have our pigs out on pasture all summer long. In the winter, we offer hay for pigs to munch on.

Are our pigs organic?

We are not a certified organic farm, however we do not supplement our pigs with antibodies, hormones, bone meal, or chemicals. We raise our pigs as natural as possible, with fresh air, a mud wallow, shelter, and space.

Do we give iron shots?

Piglets are given iron shots at 2-4 days of age to prevent an iron deficiency. 

Do we de-worm our pigs?

We monitor our pigs for parasites and de-worm as needed. We typically deworm pigs a couple days before going to their new homes to prevent transfer of any live parasites. 

When can I pick up my pigs?

We typically wean at 6 weeks old. That means, buyers can start to pick up their pigs at 6 weeks of age. Pigs are welcome to stay to the age of 8 weeks old to ensure strength and health, but we like them to stay no longer then 8 weeks. 

Pick-up days are typically reserved for the weekends due to our work schedules. Please inquire about a pick-up time. Please note, our weekends are very busy and we often have other appointments scheduled. Please try to arrive on time or your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Some late (8:00 pm) evening appointments are available during the week